Take the courage to put yourself at the top of your agenda...

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Take the courage to put yourself at the top of your agenda...

Working towards our goals, thinking strategically, looking for a new job, playing politics to survive, being flexible, being polite and kind, being co-operative and showing good team spirit, multi tasking, playing tough, playing resilient, being committed and loyal, being good parents and good family members, being a good friend, playing the good citizen and so it goes on... 

For most of us, this is what keeps us busy and gives us a sense of pride day in and day out. It also gives us a sense of fulfilment and life satisfaction. However being constantly busy and committed to our responsibilities, we often feel like we are on a hamster wheel going round and round with no end in sight. The other day, one of my coaching clients, currently in the process of new orientation, went on holiday. He is very committed to his job search and current training courses, so he wanted to make the point that no matter where he was – he could be reached 24 hours.

His statement made me think. What about our personal wellbeing? We plan holidays, are prepared to pay good money to escape daily life and professional obligations, but we cannot get peace of mind. We find ourselves unable to pause and place our personal wellbeing at the top of our agenda, not even for the limited period of time that we are away on holiday. 

Scott Dinsmore the creator of “Live your Legend” stated in one of his blogs: “The pause is disappearing. That priceless space that allows us to think big, to reflect, to plan, to create – it’s becoming harder and harder to find. Which means our responsibility to save it is greater than ever.”

I know, that in the vast majority of cases we do not want to, nor can we exclude the needs and desires of our families, nevertheless there are still opportunities to “create” a pause and take care of ourselves, of our mind, body and soul. 

The Autumn holidays are on our door step so this might be a good time to PAUSE and put ourselves first. If it works now - it will work again. It is simply a question of being committed to ourselves and our personal wellbeing. 

Take the courage to prioritise your personal wellbeing.