Take the courage to make being unique a standard template for life

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"Take the courage to make being unique a standard template for life."

Through my work I often encounter people who are not aware that they have a unique personality, especially when it comes to the topic of “Self Branding”. Unfortunately one tends to limit oneself to promoting one’s personal qualities purely on a surface level e.g. abilities, competencies, experiences, know-how and education. Granted these are important skills that we should be proud to have accumulated after many years in our professional life, but they are not what make us unique. Currently the labour market is employer lead, meaning that in certain sectors supply has overtaken demand and looking for a job in these particular areas may not be as simple as we would hope. Here is where the uniqueness of our personality can distinguish us from our competitors. One’s uniqueness can be recognised when one’s personality is given the room and the opportunity to express itself and is not limited to core competencies and abilities, but also includes wishes, interests, beliefs, value orientation, attitude, habits and objectives. Of course physical factors such as appearance, strength of character, power and perseverance are also integral to one’s resource pool.

However being unique is not purely due to the content of one’s resource pool. Belief in oneself is the key. Why not use the quality of one’s uniqueness as a standard template for all aspects of life? Recognise it, use its power and move forward.