Take the courage to generate the best images in your mind.

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Take the courage to generate the best images in your mind.

“The best images are generated in my mind”. This is the way Michael Comte, the professionally trained art restorer, filmmaker, fashion and portrait photographer creates art. I came across some of his photos the other day in a magazine and felt truly inspired. A brilliant art maker, whose best images are generated in his mind.

You might consider this nothing unusual, but I was fascinated by the way in which he allowed his creativity to flow and I automatically began to think about how we actually generate our thoughts, solutions and plans for the present day and the future. Most of the time we allow our best ideas to be blocked by facts and figures and we are held back by the reality of our current situation. Whenever we take the freedom to dream and allow ourselves to generate ideal images of our new home, new job, the way in which we would ideally like to live, the way in which we would like to travel and explore the world and so on, all too often we let reality stand in our way and kill the emergence of such images or keep them in the furthest recesses of our minds.

How would it be if we started to generate the best images of what we want to achieve and where we want to be and see how they develop?  “If we can dream it we can do it.” Personally, I am a strong believer of this saying, but I also know a large number of people who see their ideal images, their wishes and dreams as a huge mountain to be climbed.

Take the courage to allow your mind to create your best images. Envisage your objectives, goals, and targets, not only a rough idea of how they should be, but also include all the relevant details, give them faces, colours, emotions, fragrance, smell and movement and see what happens. Give your mind the freedom to create and generate some best images of your own!