Take the courage to create your own "World Class Master Profile”

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Take the courage to create your own “World Class Master Profile"

“With precision, tenacity and grace, he’s risen to the top of the game. The first Australian to win the Masters, he made history at Augusta and became the pride of his country. Winning championship after championship, he’s been ranked the No. 1 golfer in the world, and his competitiveness continues to set the standard. No matter how formidable the obstacle, or how monumental the challenge, Adam Scott’s achievements are won through both skill and determination.” 

This is the way in which Adam Scott’s profile has been put in the best light by Rolex in an advertising campaign. 

Do you like this short profile? How does it feel when you read it? Personally, I like it very much. Although I must admit I do not know much about Adam Scott, this profile touches me emotionally. Why? Because it tells me a little story about him. Firstly I am impressed by his strong belief in success and hard work. Secondly I get to know about what he has achieved so far - he is top of his game. Thirdly, I notice, the way in which he has done it: “With precision, tenacity and grace”. These qualities are connected with an achievement. The same goes for “skill and determination” as mentioned at the end of his profile. 

Now do we need to be world class in order to portray our profile in the best light? Of course we don’t. We are all masters in the field of our own expertise. The only thing we need to do is to describe it in an attractive way. 

Take the courage to write your own “World class Master Profile”, no matter for which purpose, whether you want it to be part of your application documents for your new orientation process or whether it be for branding – just focus on your relevant achievements, connect those with what makes you the person you have become and build up your story. Of course you must always keep your target audience in the forefront of your mind. You will see it makes a difference….