Take the courage to allow yourself to fail…

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Take the courage to allow yourself to fail…

An opportunity – a job opportunity – not necessarily the perfect job for you, but a job opportunity nevertheless and right now? To compromise or not to compromise, that is the question. Should you go for it or not?

Often job seekers find themselves presented with job offers that do not match their objectives 100 %, nor do they offer them the opportunity to do something that they really would love to do. This can be a very challenging position. On the one hand having the desire to fulfil priorities, objectives, dreams and wishes and on the hand having to take into consideration the restricted job market in certain sectors, future uncertainties and pressures. 

In my opinion certain pressures may be justified depending on priorities and obligations and some may not. They could be very much driven by our need for security and the desire to find an employer for the rest of our working life, thereby ignoring the real world and the current and future trends of the job market. 

I have also learned, through my work, that some job seekers adopt a “no failure allowed” policy. Having worked for the same corporation for years and years and finding themselves in a position where they must look for a new opportunity, they often convince themselves that the next job will be the right one. This may or may not be the case.

What really counts is being able to make decisions and going for the best solution on offer at that time. As long as we are aware of our reasons for taking that step, then all is well – it may or may not work. It could end up being a compromise and not ultimately what we wanted, if so, then we should treat it as a learning process and realise, that if nothing else, it is a move forward. It may seem to us that we have failed, but we will realise the benefit of our actions some time in the future. It is very easy to forget that, sometimes in order to achieve our ultimate goals and objectives, a detour or two may be necessary. 

Take the courage to allow yourself to fail and stand behind your decision.