Take the courage NOT to listen to all the friendly advice.

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Take the courage NOT to listen to all the friendly advice.


“Send as many applications as you can right from the moment you have been given notice."

“Talk to as many people as possible in your network and let them know that you are looking for a new job.”

“You must add – “looking for a new job or opportunity” – to your social media profile.”

“Don’t give notice before you have another job – you know what the market is like – you will not easily find another job.”

“ You will never earn as much as you do today – just be realistic and continue doing the job you are doing”.

I could probably create a “Master List of Advice” to give to my clients as they start out on their new orientation. I assume that if we had the chance to discuss this topic right now, you could tell me a number of pieces of advice that you have been given. Am I right?

Well we are all human and it is in our nature to try to help each other whenever we can, especially when it concerns our dear friends or people around us who we really like or to whom we feel attached. This is a great way to be and our world would most certainly be a cold and unemotional place if we could not rely on the attention and help of others.

We get advice from all kinds of people who provide different views. They can sometimes offer huge potential to get tips, tricks and solutions for our problems. However it has got its down sides: Too much advice from too many different sides, a mixture of good and bad advice, advice from honest people who mean to help us and advice from others who are rather less honest and who actually do not care, advice which is forced upon us etc. In short confusion is often the result of listening to too much advice.

What if we took a step back to think about this advice business? What is our problem or topic? What is the purpose of talking to people about it? To whom do we talk to about it and what are our expectations? How do we deal with all the different kinds of advice? How to keep emotional distance?

Listening to advice and benefiting from it is an art in itself. Take the courage NOT to listen to every bit of advice being directed to you. Be selective.

And what about this blog? Also a piece of advice? Well let us call it an “inspiration”…