Wondering how to make it happen in 2018?

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Wondering how to make it happen in 2018?

Before you jump into setting goals, be brave, take a step back and reflect. “ Without reflection, we go blindly on our way, creating more unintended consequences, and failing to achieve anything useful” as Margaret J. Wheatley the American author says.

What happened last year and what didn’t happen? What was the motivation and drive behind your actions and your inaction and at which cost?

Look back at the past year and make a balance sheet. Look at all the facts objectively. Defending your position might not help as much as trying to understand your actions. Put yourself in your stakeholders shoes and try to change your perspective. Be brave and give room to challenging and difficult questions. 

Your in depth reflection complete, then there is nothing to prevent you from setting your goals. Please bear in mind that those “shoulds” “coulds”, “woulds” and regrets are purely a waste of time. The New Year gives you the opportunity to start afresh. Your time is too valuable to waste by thinking about regrets.

Take the courage to transform those “shoulds”, “coulds” and “woulds” into “can”, “want” and “will” this year. This will boost your ability to move forward.

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