When is the right time to achieve the next thing?

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When is the right time to achieve the next thing?

Sleepless nights? A heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach? Going over things in your head over and over again. Getting all kind of advice. Moments of certainty and self-assurance one day, followed by moments of fear and doubt the next. Maybe now is not the right time? What if it does not work out? Maybe you should wait for one thing or the other to happen first?

The other day I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine, who has been in the same job for quite a few years now. He has been successful in his organisation, but things have not developed quite the way he would have liked with regard to his future career. Consequently he has started to think about his career prospects and to consider some options.

He has got some very good ideas and is highly motivated to design his future according to his wishes and passions. It is nice to hear him talking and describing possible future career prospects, but of course he still has moments of uncertainty, worries about the risks involved and fears he may not be successful. He has a family and is the principle earner, therefore any decision will have an impact on his family’s life.

While we were talking, it was so obvious that waiting any longer would not only cost him precious time, but also his energy, passion and drive. The danger was that he could opt to stay in a job with no future instead of investing in a future according to his wishes and dreams. So the question at the end was: Is now the right time to undertake the next big step and leave the safety and familiarity of his comfort zone? 

Now if you think about your life changing decisions… was there always a right time to act? And actually, what is the right time? There are always reasons for doing something at a given time. Some people would rather avoid doing anything at any time at all! 

If you ask me, the right time is very rare. Waiting for the right time just wastes time and holds us back from moving forward and achieving the next thing, no matter what that might be. Here are some thoughts that I would like to share with you and that could help you on your way to achieving the next thing: 

There is no such thing as the perfect time! 

Analysing and evaluating is fine, but at a certain point, it is all about committing and trusting your gut feeling and just doing it. 

Instead of preoccupying yourself too much with the possible fears and risks, ask yourself the question: What is the price you would have to pay if you waited much longer or waited for the “perfect time”?

Sometimes jumping straight into cold water is so much more invigorating and energizing than stepping slowly into it, bit by bit...

Remember we human beings are much more resilient than we think. 

Go along with the COURAGE MINDSET, it will win in the end.


Take the courage NOT to wait for the perfect time in order to do what you wish to do – Enjoy the journey