“Turn over a new leaf, then keep on turning”

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“Turn over a new leaf, then keep on turning”

This is the way in which the Economist has chosen to attract more readers in 2017. This slogan inspired me and made me think of all those job seekers who had not been successful in their job search throughout 2016. Those who just continued to follow the same strategy and job search routine that they had put together quite some time ago and had not seen fit to revise or adapt to the current market situation.

Since the beginning of the year I have had a number of conversations with job seekers and I keep hearing the same statements over and over again: “I am doing my best”, or “ Its not my fault that the job market is not offering what I am looking for. I can’t do much about that” and similar such excuses.

I agree that today’s job market is certainly challenging, but nowadays the excuse: “I can’t do much about that” is simply not acceptable.

“Turn over a new leaf, then keep on turning” is the strategy I would advise many job seekers to adopt from now on. Reform and start over, start afresh, start behaving differently, completely revise one’s job search strategy and never buy into the idea that “this is the way it is.”

I suggest regular revision of your job search strategy, for example on a quarterly basis, to get an overview of what worked well and what wasn’t quite so effective and why and on that basis, keep on turning over a new leaf.

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So dear job seekers, take the courage to keep turning over a new leaf until you are successful. Need support in turning a new leaf? I would be delighted to help: (contact me)