The price of waiting is much higher than you think…

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The price of waiting is much higher than you think…

Reflect for a short while and think about some of the opportunities, in either your personal or professional life, which you have missed in the past just because you waited a little too long? What were the consequences of having waited? Did you have to pay a higher price as a direct result?

Waiting for the ideal opportunity to quit your job. Waiting for things to be perfect before you dare start your own business. Waiting for other people to take the first step before taking that important first step yourself. Waiting for the right opportunity to speak out. Waiting for the perfect time to take a career break…

All this waiting certainly comes at a price. A price that, more often than not, ends up being considerably higher than you expected.

I am having conversations with people on a daily basis in which they express their unhappiness and dissatisfaction with their professional life. Despite these negative feelings they opt to wait for things to get better, for opportunities to come up by themselves. They choose to wait for others to consider them for projects and undertakings and trust that the future will provide all the solutions. Most of these people just close their eyes and make themselves believe that things are not as bad as they may seem and persuade themselves to be happy with what they have.

Closing your eyes and choosing not to challenge the status quo is fine, as long as you are aware of the price you will be paying as a result. An alternative option would be to find the courage to move forward.

So how does one go about finding the courage instead of just waiting and having blind faith that things will eventually turn in one’s favour?

You can only realize your wishes and make the necessary changes once you have found out more about yourself and your future direction. Take the courage and commit yourself to making a change and prioritize your “ME project”. This is a very important step.

Then make a very basic analysis of the present situation with all its consequences including the price you are currently paying and the price you could be paying in the future. What difference would it make to your life if you started to make the future happen according to your wishes and desires? How attractive is this future?
Is it screaming out to be realized?

Take this courage and start working out strategies to achieve it. Don’t want to risk mapping out your future career and realizing it alone? Then let’s talk and let’s make it happen together (Contact me)