Stop limiting yourself - it holds you back from moving forward…

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Stop limiting yourself - it holds you back from moving forward…

I love swimming in the lake in the summer. It is one of my great passions to spend time by the water early in the morning when nobody is around. I simply watch and enjoy the quiet water surface for a while, do some yoga, meditate and then swim my regular route. Since I can remember I have always searched for designated official swimming areas at the lake. There are usually some kind of markers placed in the lake to set clear limits on the open water.

I always choose a certain route between two posts and swim my regular lengths. First of all because I can swim more efficiently and know how many lengths I have done and secondly because I have always assumed that I am not a good swimmer and have always thought that I would need to hold on to something after swimming one or two lengths. I have always admired those who can swim out in the open water without any problems.

This summer was a special summer. This summer I took the courage to ignore the posts and to swim a bit further. The first day a few meters, the second day a bit further and so on. I realised that I do not need any posts to hold on to and even given the fact that I am not a very strong swimmer, I am able to swim longer distances in the open water. I may not be a fast swimmer, but I am a good slow swimmer. 

The ability to be able to swim freely without limits - you cannot imagine what a great feeling this is. First of all I can enjoy the new-found confidence that I can swim better than I have always thought I could and then I can appreciate the beauty of nature and my surroundings, all of which I can admire whilst swimming further and without limiting myself. It is such a cool feeling. It is so fulfilling. It provides additional proof to me that in life we often limit ourselves on the basis of some kind of misguided assumptions and therefore we forgo possibilities, chances and a higher level of success, fulfilment and happiness.

I learned a lesson this summer and it actually made me smile. I am usually the one who teaches my clients not to limit themselves, to take the courage to break down boundaries and limits as they move forward. 

What about you? In which ways do you block or stop your progress by limiting yourself? When did you last assume that your profile was not good enough for a certain job opportunity? Or when did you forgo an opportunity to profile yourself e.g. in a meeting by giving your opinion, assuming that it was not valid enough or not good enough? How long have you been assuming that you are not courageous enough and cannot do certain things?

Well in the end “we are what we think and believe we are”. Has this also been proved to you over and over again? Well, certainly this summer it has been proved to me with my swimming experience. I limited myself for years and years believing that I was not a good swimmer…

Now how to stop limiting yourself? Here are some thoughts:

Recognising the fact that you are placing limits on yourself is the first step towards stopping yourself from doing so.

Looking deeper into the limitations you have set for yourself will get you further. What is really behind those beliefs?

Taking decisions is the key for progress: YES stop or NO it is ok the way it is. 

Planning your strategies and finding ways to overcome those limits and boundaries is what counts. You can start small and remember that you do not have to climb the mountain in one day.

Take the courage to stop limiting yourself. There are numerous exciting possibilities and chances waiting to be discovered.

Take the courage to move forward. If you need support, let’s talk (contact me).