Jumping in at the deep end could be a way to enable your-self to move forward…

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Jumping in at the deep end could be a way to enable yourself to move forward…

Does this feel right or wrong? Should you do it or not? Should you go for it or rather wait? There are always situations, in which one is not prepared enough for a certain challenge. There is often a project to tackle, an opportunity to grab, that you may feel is too risky, or for which you feel that you lack the right training. You might not be able to envisage the exact end result and benefit of an action and therefore you may not feel confident enough to give something a try. Sometimes people may even tell you that you are crazy and not to do it…I am sure that you have experienced these and other such similar situations.

There are so many strategies leading to decision-making. One of the more simple strategies is to just “jump in at the deep end”. Yes indeed, sometimes just taking the courage to say: “I am going to do it”, could provide the most amazing learning experience. “Learning by doing” requires the use of all your energy, focus, drive and courage to make something possible. If this is the direction in which you want to go, you could find yourself one step closer to achieving your goal, rather than waiting longer to reach the perfect conditions before attempting to do so. Should it end up not working out quite as well as you had hoped, then in the worst case it was a learning experience from which you can draw on in the future. It might have come at a price, but it is far better to have given it a try, rather than regretting not having tried at all.

I am not advising you to ignore the risks, but a “no risk, no fun” approach with a successful outcome can be very rewarding.

Jumping in at the deep end needs courage and if not too misplaced, can often pay off, at least in my experience and that of most of my clients. 

So from time to time take the courage to jump in at the deep while moving forward, it could pay off

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Take the courage to move forward