It’s about time, dear job seekers, to finalise the activities of the year…

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It’s about time, dear job seekers, to finalise the activities of the year…

I get quite a diverse picture from my conversations with job seekers at this stage of the year.

There are those who are completely happy and satisfied with the way things have progressed during their new orientation process, although they may not have been able to secure the desired job or achieve their goals. These people treat their entire new orientation journey as a learning process and focus on the positive experiences, stories, amazing people they were able to meet and so on. In short they focus on the positive aspects along the path of “moving forward”.

Then there are those, who focus purely on the outcome of their job search and new orientation activities. The only thing that counts for them is the fact that they have not been successful and haven’t got the job they wanted or achieved exactly what they wanted to achieve. They ignore their positive experiences and the lessons learned and blame themselves for having not done enough. Their focus is purely on the negative aspects of their journey.

Then there are those in the middle. These people are neither positive nor negative. They are,so to say, a bit confused. Have they done well? Should they take the liberty to take a break and finalise their activities for the year? They look at the positive experiences and the things that they have learned and yet they still cannot let go of their less positive experiences. They are hopeful that things are going to be ok, but still let doubt overcloud their positivity and create uncertainty as to how things are going to move forward next year.

Now dear job seekers, no matter to which of the above mentioned categories you belong, let me tell you one thing: It is about time to slowly finalise your activities, unless you are somewhere in the middle of a hiring process or a positive surge towards achieving your goal despite the year coming to a close. It is about time to take the courage to do the following:

Just stop, take a step back and reflect. Where were you with your new orientation and job search activities when you started and where are you now?

What are your positive experiences and success stories?

What are your less positive experiences and what is your take on them? What have you learned?

Are you going in the right direction based on your experiences this year? If not, there is no need to worry. The New Year is just around the corner and will give you plenty of opportunities to adjust your goals.

Be 100 % honest with yourself and ask yourself: Did you do your absolute best to get where you want to be? If yes, what was that “best” so that you can give it more focus next year. If not, why not? Try to recognise the reasons that prevented you from giving your best so that you can avoid making the same mistakes and can give your 100 % best next year.

Either way, even if you conclude that you really did not do your best for whatever reason, it’s time to reward and celebrate yourself and your achievements. Don’t forget you can also reward yourself for the small success stories. The accumulation of confidence you get from those small stories certainly has a good impact on the way you move forward next year. Share your stories with family members and friends. The festive season will hopefully give you many opportunities and time to relax to do so.

So take the courage to focus on your positive stories and learning experiences and leave self-pity, fear, anxiety and frustration behind. Make it a courageous end to the year, so that you can start the New Year in the same courageous and confident manner and get where you want to be.

Enjoy the year-end.

Take the courage to move forward