Happy and Courageous 2020

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Happy and Courageous 2020!

First of all, congratulations! You just left an entire year behind. A full year of new experiences, learnings and stories. You made it happen!

Welcome to 2020! What an amazing figure. I get somehow goose bumps by looking at the number.

I wish you a happy and healthy year full of joy, optimism, satisfaction and courage to achieve what you want to achieve.

I wish that you actively thrive your path and assert the role you want to play. I wish that you do not let this new year just happen to you – but take the courage and make it happen, make it yours. Stop expecting things to be done for you and start creating what you want and what is important to you, be it professionally or privately.

If you want things to be changed – then take the courage, take the decision and make that change possible. As Jim Rohn, the American author, motivational trainer and speaker says: “It all starts with a decision to make a change…”. If you want to move forward then set your goals, understand your WHY behind them and start moving forward step by step and with discipline. Stop whishing and start doing!

Best wishes & Take the courage to move forward.