"Swimming against the tide with courage – your recipe for success"

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"Swimming against the tide with courage – your recipe for success"

The other day I took part in an event organized by SKO-LadiesNet (https://www.sko.ch/veranstaltungen/ladiesnet-events/) the focus of which was the subject above. For me a most inspiring subject and reason enough to attend the event.

The podium discussion panel comprised three special and courageous ladies, who led an energetic, powerful, but also fun podium discussion: 

Inger Nilsson, the Swedish actress, famous for her role as the legendary Pippi Langstrumpf (Pippi Longstocking) 

I am sure that I wasn’t the only member of the audience who had a mental picture of Pippi Langstrumpf in their head - a young Pippi with red hair, two plaits and freckles who was often cheeky and who always swam against the tide. This is exactly the way she has been perceived through her life. The world had given her this controversial identity at an early age, an identity that has not always worked in her favour. However one would have never believed that to be the case. Inger loves acting and theatre. Her recipe to success: If you love something, feel the inner conviction burning inside you and want to realize it from the bottom of your heart, you just have to do it. Fight, fight, just fight for it!

Meta Hiltebrand, TV cook, author and catering entrepreneur 

One lady who absolutely knows what she wants and who has a very direct and simple, but pleasant way of communicating. Following her basic education as a cook, ,Meta literally cooked her way to the top and now moves in highly regarded culinary circles. Meta has her own cooking TV broadcasts, has written a cooking book and continues to be a successful entrepreneur. “Cooking is my life!” That is how passionate she is about her calling in life. Her recipe to success: Pure egoism is dismissible if you want to be successful and pursue self-realisation. A “no go” in her opinion is going along with the masses. Being persistent, but also being thankful and remembering to compliment yourself as you go to bed every evening: “Well done, you did a good job today!” will help you to realise your dreams.

Honey Thaljieh, the Corporate Communications Manager of FIFA and the co-founder of the first Palestinian women's national football team

Honey started playing football in the streets of her neighbourhood in Bethlehem at the tender age of seven. She used this to balance out the sadness of the environment around her and to overcome the cultural and political barriers of living on the West Bank. Football became her passion. She was able to co-found the first women’s football team in Palestine. "Honey became the first woman in the Middle East to obtain a FIFA Master in sports education. In her current role as Corporate Communications Manager for FIFA, Honey travels the world to promote Peace and Sport.” Her recipe to success: Never give up! Too high, too far, too difficult - do not let such excuses make you give up. Turn the impossible into the possible. If I could do it, you can do it too. FOCUS on the thing you want to achieve.

Take the courage to do what you love to do, fight for it, be persistent, focus and never ever give up. Turn the impossible into the possible.