Far too many people are stuck in their professional life

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Far too many people are stuck in their professional life

I have a question for you:

How many people do you know in your social circle unable to move their professional life forward? They complain about not feeling happy and about a lot of things related to their work: Their employer, their boss, their team, their job content, their compensation, their rank, the job market, the competition, their uncertain job future, the future of work. The list could be endless. You do know some people like this, don’t you?

These people find themselves at a standstill, experiencing a lack of courage and the drive to move even one step forward! Progress, moving forward, fulfillment in their profession, exploring new directions and ways of working. These things are reserved for other people. This is more of a reality than you would think or could possibly be aware of.

Now, let’s take a view of the future with open eyes. It’s happening now and it won’t wait for us to keep up. The future develops at a much faster pace than you would think. The duration of every single moment and the way in which we move forward, or not, will have an impact on the development of our future.

I strongly believe that every professional has the ability to move forward and progress in some way. To achieve a fulfilled professional life (if it means the ultimate dream) may not be feasible for everybody. But finding ways to move forward and make progress is definitely possible, can be very fulfilling and is in fact a MUST in today’s agile professional world.

To inspire and encourage you to embrace the spirit of progress we have created a platform, which will be launched soon. Our reason for doing so is to make sure that you do not feel alone, that you have somewhere to exchange ideas, share experiences, to connect and to learn from each other. We’ll keep you informed about the launch of the platform.

I am looking forward to you joining us. Let’s keep in mind what Tony Robbins says: “The moment the feeling of progress stops we feel stuck and miserable, because ultimately, progress is the key to happiness.” This is what counts. Progress in our professional life will lead to progress and happiness in our personal life.

Take the courage to become part of this platform. Together let’s create a better and more positive professional world...