Enable yourself to move forward by working “together” and by providing mutual support…

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Enable yourself to move forward by working “together” and by providing mutual support

Today my source of inspiration comes from a “healthier “ way in which to progress your career. Just the other day I heard a shocking story about how somebody in the business world moved forward professionally at the cost of his team and his trusted colleagues. I know that this kind of story isn’t unusual. It could be that you hear similar stories to this one on a daily basis, but I felt the need to give this story room in this week’s blog. 

We are all human and each one of us has our own values on the basis of which we lead our life and drive our career. What often amazes me is that some people, often really nice people, decide to abandon their values and opt to act in a manner far removed from their normal behaviour.

The one thing I have noticed is that those individuals who move forward professionally or personally at the cost of others, do not usually get very far. They usually pay the price and in some cases a very high price for their actions.

Let’s look at the future. To be successful in the future and the future is now, requires working together and mutual support. The working world is changing constantly and we are all confronted with so many new challenges, opportunities, change and progress manifests itself in so many completely different ways. The only formula that can work in the long term involves collaboration: Let’s do it together”. “Let’s create it together”. “Let’s progress together”.

At the end of the day battles are frequently won, not just as a result of our expertise and know-how, but also as a result of our behaviour and the way in which we interact with people.

Take the courage to enable yourself to move forward by working together and by providing mutual support and never lose sight of your values…