Dear Job Seekers, Time to get your pride back!

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Dear Job Seekers, Time to get your pride back!

This is a note to all Job Seekers:

Especially to those who have devoted a long time to the new orientation process and have not been able to achieve what they set out to achieve. 

To all of you whose self-confidence keeps dropping down a level with each refusal letter and to those who have started losing faith and acting in a kind of “uncontrolled” manner.

To those who have started to forget who they really are and what they are really capable of and to those who have lost sight of their own strong personality. And yes, I know that there are many reasons why you got to this stage; the challenging job market, age discrimination and many more and I completely understand.

As a direct result, you have started to market yourself and to sell yourself “cheaply”, “far too cheaply”. In fact, you have become too flexible and not demanding enough. You have started to ask all kinds of people for help. You have started to take different courses of action that do not meet your usual standards. Each new action makes you feel bad, makes you feel sorry for yourself and your sense of pride is beginning to sink below ground level. 

Enough! Now is the time to take courage and to wake up. Now is the time to get things back on track, to rediscover your pride and self-confident personality and to refresh your job search process!

Here are some action points:

Stop feeling like a victim! You are not a victim. You now have a great opportunity to re-design your career. 

Stop for a while! Take a break, even if you think you cannot afford it. Find a way to rejuvenate and to refresh your mind.

Give your job search a fresh start following a period of intense reflection and with your eyes wide open and a strong sense of “self” and what you want to achieve.

Start from the very beginning again! Review your objective. Screen your plan carefully. Is that what you really want? Any doubt, start work again on redefining or resetting your objective. Of course you must take into account “what you want” versus “what you are capable of achieving”. Do not limit your options by thinking that you can’t do something, there is always a way…and start to learn about future work trends and the new opportunities connected to these new trends.

Start to work out your strategy to achieve your objective, this time taking account of past experiences. Get an overview – a kind of balance sheet covering the history of your job search. Look at your success stories, but also take the courage to examine those less successful outcomes. What worked well, what not so well and WHY? What did you learn? What kind of feedback did you receive? What would you have done differently looking back?

What type of action did you take and how did your courage help and inspire you to move forward? 

What about the “real” you? Have you considered your “whole being” including your personal beliefs and values. If not, why not?

A strong, courageous and proud “YOU” is required to start-over. Start finding ways to regain your strength, courage and pride.

Get the help and support you need – take the courage to…