Dear Job Seekers, Don’t sell yourself short!

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Dear Job Seekers, Don’t sell yourself short!

It may be a bit harsh, but in my experience this is frequently the way in which many job seekers try to secure themselves a position. Distributing their CV randomly to anybody and everybody, presenting themselves as being too desperate, too flexible, too available and “cheap”, they forget about their beliefs and values and what they really want. It feels as if they are selling themselves short.

Let’s be honest, when the Sales are on, shops start heavily advertising their products on sale and more often than not these are the products that they have not been able to sell during the season. I am not saying that they are all bad or low quality products. In fact, sometimes the most amazing products can get snatched up during the Sales, but the fact is that those products on sale are readily available and can be bought by almost anyone. A number of those products may not necessarily find themselves where they would best belong, where they would serve best or fit from a style or standard point of view…

Dear Job seekers, You deserve better! I am sure that you do not just want to get any job within any kind of organisation. I am sure that you have done your reflection work and know exactly where you want to go. If not, then it is about time to take a step back and do the hard work first. Start afresh and find strategies other than selling yourself short. How best to do it? Reading some of my blogs may help you to reflect and start afresh:

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Stop selling yourself short! If you are not able to do so, get in touch. It is much easier to “move forward” together…(contact)