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The other day “Champyourself” the slogan of a personal training concept caught my eye. I think it’s really cool. You too? What comes to mind if you think about how you could “Champyourself”?

For me personally it brings to mind so many possibilities and ways in which one could move forward in both one’s private and professional life.

I connect it with taking the courage to move forward. I connect it with growth, progress, exploration and the ability to overcome challenges and obstacles. I see it as the winning mindset, the will and power to create, to strengthen oneself, to focus on one’s abilities, to find ways in which to overcome one’s weaknesses and to discover one’s potential and talents.

It provides a bridge between one’s comfort zone and status quo and the world of energy, drive, progress and flow. A world in which boundaries and obstacles are constantly being challenged. A world in which success and a higher level of happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment in life is the norm.

Now, how do you actually “Champyourself”?

Through commitment to “Champyourself” courage overcomes your fear and allows the language of positivity, “CAN”, “WILL” and “WANT” to be spoken. A further contributor is certainly having the ability to believe in yourself. Sugar Ray Robinson, an American boxer, once said “To be a champ you have to believe in yourself when no one else will.”

Believing in yourself and achieving a high level of self-confidence is very much dependent on your level of fitness on a physical, mental and spiritual basis. How fully aware are you of your entire being? How much do you want to make the most out of your life?

To find out more about all aspects of your fitness, Jeffrey White’s book  “The 3 Pillars of Strength: Improving Your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Fitness” might be of help to you.

Take the courage NOT to let “Champyourself” be exclusive and achievable only by others. Make it yours!

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