Examine the courage, flow and energy from role models …

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Examine the courage, flow and energy from role models. How do they do it? Where do they get it from? Learn and experience it.

Since making the decision to step away from my former corporate life and to take charge of my life and my career I have learned a lot from other successful people. There was a point where I had to be very honest with myself and I had to admit that there was no way in which I could possibly re-invent the wheel. I started to look for role models. I wanted to find out why other successful people were so successful at what they were doing. For that purpose I looked for role models in my field of interest. I started to follow their activities, to watch their videos, to read their books, blogs or articles. However at one point I had to take a step back and think about the principles that were important to me. I started to analyse the core qualities and competencies of each role model and to be selective. What exactly did I want to learn from each of these role models? I started to list my priorities and to focus on my own techniques. This is how I learned from  and was enriched by my choice of role models. Role models are the best coaches. They enrich a lot of people’s lives just by doing what they do best.