Take the courage to set aside time for reflection on a regular basis...

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Take the courage to set aside time for reflection on a regular basis...


Whilst leading such a busy and hectic life, each moment planned from morning till evening, weeks and months in advance, how can one ever find time for reflection? Even holidays, that are supposed to provide a means of relaxation, have to be discussed and planned far in advance in order to make sure that we make the most of our free time. The holiday phenomenon is a topic in itself. The stress involved in finding and booking the ideal location that will provide the peace and joy that we are looking for, often costs us a great deal of nervous energy and provokes more than a few disagreements. 

You might well think that this is the way life works nowadays and to do otherwise would not provide the desired end result.

I agree with you to a certain extent, our current lifestyle does make us feel obliged to be “doing” all the time. However, the art is to ensure that the “doing” does not take over from the “being” and does not deprive us of our quality time and our time for reflection. Quality time might have a different meaning to each of us, in this blog I would like to relate “quality time” to “self reflection” and “being”.

Albert Einstein perceived reflection as follows:
“Without deep reflection one knows from daily life that one exists for other people.” 

Albert Einstein’s quote is, indeed, very accurate. If we look at the way in which we live nowadays, how much do we really live for ourselves and how much for others? How much do we really value ourselves and our inner satisfaction? How much do we really know deep down who we are and what we really want? And how much do we know about why we do what we do?

As the year has just started, I would like to take this opportunity to draw your attention to this topic. Should you be vaguely aware, deep inside. that there is an imbalance between your doing and being, I encourage you to examine this situation, give it some space and thought. Why? Because you deserve some quality time of your own, it will enrich your life and bring more quality into your “doing”. There are many ways of embracing this theme. It may need a bit of time dedicated to finding out how best to approach your reflection and “being”. Get help if needed. Learning from and talking to others would be a great way to start.

Take the courage to set aside time for reflection on a regular basis and make this an important part of moving forward towards inner satisfaction, happiness and success.