Dorie Massumi

«Newplacement for me means helping individuals to mobilise all available resources in order to make progress.»

Dorie Massumi

«Newplacement for me means helping individuals to follow new paths and to achieve a sense of fulfillment.»

Dorie Massumi

«Newplacement for me means helping individuals to draw upon new found energy and to make the most of new opportunities.»

Dorie Massumi

Inspiration New-orientation – The Human way

I envision a world in which people have found the courage to build up their lives. A world in which people overcome their limitations and refuse to be put into little boxes that define their lives, job and future.

I encounter people, on a daily basis, who have come to a complete standstill and find themselves in a de-energised state. I believe that one can only make progress when one has the energy to do so. Progress ensues after courage has been mustered and a person has started to move forward.

Dorie Massumi Newplacement strives to inspire people and to give them the strength to advance by means of their own courage, energy and forward thinking. Together we work to remove limitations and restrictions in order to progress, both professionally and privately.


What if you fail?

I encounter many people in the middle of a career transition who often find themselves in the “fear of failure” zone. What if I fail? Yes, and what if you do? What does that really mean? The “fear of failure” concept that they have created for themselves blocks them from moving forward.

What about your brand?

Your brand, your trademark, your label or what ever you chose to call it, is the way in which you portray your personal image to the outside world. The way in which you want to be seen or perceived as a person, as an expert in your field and as an indication for what you stand.